SFXGB has over 25 years experience in creating quality Special Effects for film and TV ranging from pyrotechnic / fire effects, atmospheric / weather effects, model / prop making, and engineering rigs including hydraulic and pneumatic effects. Our head office is based at Shepperton Film Studios and our workshops and pyrotechnic store are based a short distance from Shepperton, Pinewood and Longcross Studios.

  • Our Services

  • The use of pyrotechnics and flammable materials to create spectacular effects from fire balls to stage pyrotechnic effects.


  • The controlled use of flammable materials and gases to create fire effects to simulate anything from a burning building to a small camp fire.

    Fire Effects

  • These create the atmosphere for the scene whether it be rain, wind or fog. If they are not around when you need them we can instantly bring them to life.

    Atmospheric effects

  • Using the latest technology and equipment, with products that are environmentally friendly, we can create anything from an early morning frost to a blizzard.


  • We can create the most spectacular explosive effects from full scale battle scenes, bullet hit effects to car explosions.


  • Life like versions of the real thing, we can build them bigger or smaller than the original object and adapt it to suit all requirements.

    Model making

  • We can provide full script breakdowns, budgets and advice on the best method required to acheived the desired effect, and we liaise with all departments to ensure the best result.

    Licenses & Planning

  • Our number one priority . We ensure all our employees and subcontractors are fully qualified and competant to carry out the task required. We have a strict health & safety policy which our staff adhere to.

    Health & safety

  • Mechanical rigs engineered specifically for special effects, fabricatrion, hydraulics, neumatics and other metal structures!


Show Reel

Credit List

We Have Worked on the Special Effects for the following productions:

Year 2020 – Year 2021

TV Series

  • Outlander Series 6
  • LBP Outlnder 6 Ltd
  • Annika
  • Annika SPV Ltd
  • Mrs Harris Goes To Paris
  • Moon River Features Ltd
  • Guilt 2
  • Guilt 2 Ltd
  • Too Close
  • Too Close Limited
  • Man Hunt S2
  • Manhunt S2 2020 Ltd
  • Faslane
  • WP Faslane Ltd
  • Holby City
  • BBC
  • My Name is lizzie
  • Story Films Ltd
  • Jan 22
  • Valfal Ltd
  • Faslane
  • WP Faslane Ltd
  • Midsomer Murders
  • Bentley Productions

Feature Film

  • She Will
  • Slug Love Films Ltd
  • Cash Truck
  • (Guy Richie) Flic Films Ltd
  • Princess Switch
  • Picture Properties Ltd
  • Castle For Christmas
  • Fortress Productions Ltd


  • JD Sports
  • Smuggler
  • BT Anonymous
  • Somesuch & Co
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Somesuch & Co
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Friend Productions Ltd
  • Morrisons xmas
  • Rouge Films
  • Vanguard
  • Smuggler
  • Verizon
  • Smuggler

Pop Promo

  • DL Fever Music Video
  • Iron clast
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Our  aim is to provide a service that covers all areas of Special Effects. Safety is our number one priority as is providing a service that is second to none and can be tailored to all requirements from concept to realisation. All our Technicians are fully trained and competent and are able to meet any challenges that the production requires with a spectacular, safe, and cost effective approach.

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